Refreshed Rooms by Molly

About Molly

I’m Molly Bogen, and I am passionate about helping people bring a creative rejuvenation to rooms in their homes. A “refresh” that will provide them a sense of pleasure and warmth when they come home.

As a child, I frequently decorated the bedroom I shared with my two sisters. One vivid memory recalls the placement of our three twin beds in a pinwheel pattern in the middle of the room with floor lamps in the middle. While admittedly not particularly practical, ever since those early days, I have found pleasure and enthusiasm in decorating my home and those of family and friends when asked.

I received degrees in social work in college, and my first career provided an opportunity to continue to create and problem solve, but with individuals who needed help coping with issues of daily living. Similarly, this second career also allows me the chance to work with individuals in ways that also can bring revitalization and joy.